Guided implant placements are a more accurate way of positioning implants into the bone.

An implant guide is a jig which fits over your natural teeth. It incorporates directional holes to direct the implants into exactly the pre planned location and depth.

Implant guides are especially relevant when we’re placing  multiple implants or when we’re placing close to natural teeth or nerves, They also enable us to get the best possible aesthetic results too.

We create an implant guide by merging a three dimensional CAT scan of our patient’s bone structure with virtual planning software, we then 3D print the guides in our own CAD-CAM department.

Using an implant guide allows us to place your implants more accurately and the procedure is much quicker. It also means that we don’t need to cut open large areas of gum to visually place them and allows less soft tissue trauma and  a quicker healing time.

4 reasons to chose us for guided implants:

  • Everything is  produced ‘on site-total laboratory involvement always guarantees the best results.
  • We are CAT scanner equipped.
  • We are PRF equipped.
  • We only use ‘top brand’ and well proven implants.


Guided Implants

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