At HQ Dental we believe that the best way to whiten teeth is to use whitening trays and peroxide whitening gel. This is a very predictable way to whiten and your trays can be used for future ‘top up’ treatments.

This teeth whitening treatment involves taking impressions and making whitening trays that fit very accurately over your teeth.

The trays contain small reservoirs which accommodate the bleaching gel. The gel penetrates the tooth enamel (which is porous) and oxidises staining and discolouration.

Your custom made whitening trays are produced ‘while you wait’ in our onsite laboratory which means that we can provide your whitening kit in just one visit.

Why Chose HQ Dental for Teeth Whitening

  • Your whitening trays are produced ‘while you wait’ and…
  • Are supplied in just one visit
  • Our system delivers predictable results
  • We supply gel for top-up treatment, to keep your teeth bright and clear

Teeth Whitening

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