We can produce almost any type of modern crown or bridge and usually make them look exactly like natural teeth.

When colour matching is difficult our skilful technicians are happy to do this for you. Meeting your patient really can make all the difference and sometimes it’s amazing what we can do.

Our shade taking service sometimes involves digital shade taking and photography to maximise results and in especially complex cases we can produce the restoration to ‘biscuit’ stage, and stain and glaze with your patient present.

Shade taking

Ideally your patient will visit the lab but if that isn’t possible we provide a visiting shade taking service and can come to your practice.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Because total technician involvement always guarantees the best results..and
  • Meeting your patient can make all the difference
  • This service is designed to make your life easier…and
  • sometimes it’s amazing what we can do…

Shade Taking

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