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Free Consultation with
our Treatment Coordinator

This is the first stage in getting your dentures, after we’ve examined the problems, you’ll then be offered any of our four, high-quality dentures to choose from.

Denture Fitting

Choose from our 4 denture options. We can usually fit your denture in 1 week, we can even get our Phonares denture fitted the same day! Partial dentures can take longer and include extra stages in surgery.

Pricing plans and Payment options
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Why Choose Us?

Experts with over 35 years’ experience

Our combined surgery, lab and teaching facility delivers world-class denture services.

A team of more than 80 dental professionals

At HQ, we are passionate about what we do and are proud to offer modern, friendly, caring dentistry.

Lifelike & Durable Acrylic Dentures

All our acrylic dentures are manufactured in our on-site laboratory to exceptionally high standards

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    Frequently asked questions

    We have four dentures available, and the best for you usually depends on your budget.


    The Natura Denture:

    Our natura denture is our `entry level` option. Featuring well proven Schottlander natura teeth and a high quality, strong acrylic base material to provide an affordable high-quality denture.

    Natura anterior teeth use skillful shading, internal mamelon effects and a subtle response to changing light conditions to achieve their remarkably lifelike appearance. Full dentures are just £599 now with a five year guarantee card available.


    The Enigma Denture:

    The enigma denture is a stronger and more convincing option. Enigma teeth have additional characterization which means that they look more natural.

    This denture includes Lucitone high impact denture base material which is six times stronger than standard acrylic. This super strong denture is ideal for patients with a history of denture fracture or when a denture opposes natural teeth.


    The IVOCLAR Denture:

    The Ivoclar denture teeth are generally regarded in the industry as being some of the most lifelike available.
    This denture is constructed by senior technician using superstrong high impact base material which is then hand stained, fully contoured and customised to mimic the natural characteristics of natural soft tissue.


    The Phonares Same Day Denture:

    Our Phonares same day denture option represents the epitome of what we do. We have created our Phonares denture to be simply the best quality acrylic denture available anywhere at any price.

    You can read more and book a consultation for your same day denture here.

    Acrylic dentures usually last around 5 – 8 years.

    We recommend that you take your dentures out before going to bed to give your gums a rest.

    Unlike any other dental practice in the UK, we can provide the highest quality, top of the range acrylic dentures in just one visit, making us a great choice no matter where you are in the country. Your day with us will be carefully planned and during your visit you’ll be allocated your own senior prosthetics technician who will be dedicated to your treatment ensuring that your new dentures will be perfect in every way.


    A timeline of your day:

    10am – Consultation, oral health check and primary impressions – then it’s time to relax in your own private waiting room until we’re ready for the next stage of your treatment.

    12-1pm – Wax denture stage at which we can modify and change the position of the teeth and the appearance of your dentures until you are completely happy with the aesthetics. We’ll then process your dentures – during this time, you’ll be free to explore Leeds for lunch or a spot of shopping. However, the private waiting room is yours for the day if you’re more comfortable staying with us.

    5pm – Now it’s time to fit your brand-new dentures – before you leave we’ll thoroughly test your dentures to make sure they’re perfect for you and ready for everyday life.

    Interested? Start your Acrylic Denture journey today!
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