Nervous patients
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Why Nervous Patients Choose Us

Nervous patients will always receive a warm and friendly welcome at HQ dental 

We understand that some people can be nervous or anxious about having any kind of dental treatment. Usually it’s because of a bad experience in the past, but sometimes it’s much more than that. Dental phobia is a surprisingly common medically recognised condition which can sometimes result in serious dental problems.

Most of us experience mild uneasiness about visiting the dentist, but for some people just the thought of a dental appointment can cause acute anxiety, and even panic attacks.

We are friendly, caring and understanding and many patients comment that coming to HQ isn’t like going to a ‘normal’ dentist. We will always do whatever we can to put you at ease and different kinds of sedation are available for suitable patients.

If you are worried about having any treatment please do not hesitate to contact us 01132796667 

At HQ we will do whatever we can to help.